Become a Better Entrepreneur

Our consulting teaches you the best ways to properly go into business with an entrepreneurial edge. Pick your market and Colby Amerine will help you develop a creative strategy to maintain an effective career. Our individual training can assist you accomplish your company objectives.

Learn ways to track changes in the economy and stay at the top of the game, make more sales and earn more. Colby’s training program keeps students updated with present market trends and innovations. As the worldwide economy changes so do marketing requirements. Knowing the core fundamentals in this rapidly altering market can help make you a fruitful entrepreneur and insure your future.

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If you haven’t already taken advantage of connecting with Colby, receive your first 30 minute consulting fee waived by scheduling a time that works for you!

What We Do

Colby Amerine exists to empower sales leaders to increase sales, improve team performance and dynamics and develop mastery in leadership. We accomplish this through interactive training sessions, speaking, facilitated meetings, consulting/coaching, and more.

If you are a sales leader or business owner looking for someone who understands the unique challenges of your business, and who can help motivate, teach, and empower your team to produce results, then you’ve found the right person to partner with.

If you have attended seminar after seminar and not getting what you want, then look no further. NO MORE Tuesday night seminars that lead you to a weekend that lead you to more questions. STOP wasting your time energy and money.

Expert Trainer Sales Speaker for Business

With over 20 years in Sales and Service Industry, having worked my way up from ground level to executive leadership and ownership, I have expert knowledge of one of the most volatile areas in business, and a demonstrated track record of success navigating it.

I’ve helped my clients produce results such as:

►Increased Revenues of 50% – 150%

►Increased Profits by 150%

►Improved team morale resulting in better performance

►Streamlined processes creating more efficiency

►Some of my clients have experienced up to a 65x return on their investment in profitability.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with business owners, motivated sales leaders and their teams who are ready for real results. We are committed to cultivating awareness and introspection for you to build on the success you’ve experienced, and allow for greater fulfillment both at work and in life.

One on One & Group Coaching

Your coach is committed to your success. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach’s responsibility is to:

►Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve

►Encourage client self-discovery

►Elicit client-generated solutions, strategies and action plans

►Hold the client responsible and accountable

Our Coaching Program

Two (2), pre-scheduled, 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls per month between you and your assigned coach. If you and your assigned coach agree, any scheduled call may be replaced by a scheduled, in-person session at a location of your assigned coach’s choice.

One (1) pre-scheduled, 60-minute group coaching call per month.

***Comes with a Bonus 1 Hour of personal coaching with our banker to help you repair your credit score, set up your business line of credit, pre-qualify for a hard money loan, pre-qualify for buy and hold loans, and educate you on some lesser known financial products that all real estate investors need to be aware of.

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To help ensure your success, you will need to follow several key principles:

►Commit Yourself to the Coaching Format

►Communicate Openly and Freely

►Use the Group Calls between Your Scheduled Sessions

►Assume Responsibility for Your Own Success and Financial Decisions

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