Colby Amerine is a 10 year former Firefighter, Real Estate Investor, NLP Practitioner, Public Speaker, and Coach of new investors and entrepreneurs.

As a firefighter/paramedic his career was cut short with a devastating injury on the job. Fighting his way back through a grueling rehabilitation process, he lost 110 pounds and began inspiring others with his story. As each life challenge pushed Colby to the next level, despite the trials and tribulations, he never lost his sense of humor or compassion for others.

After recovery Colby needed a career change. He decided to try his hand at real estate. Partnering with a former firefighting comrade, together they launched a real estate company in Texas with the hopes of transforming mediocre properties into prime investments. Properties that might attract other commercial or residential investors and developers.

Colby Amerine is now doing development deals in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New Orleans and other distressed markets. With years of sales experience in multiple industries, Colby has negotiated thousands of transactions with success.

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