I was so excited! Finally after 7 follow up calls we finally made the appointment and it couldn’t have been any better, I drove across town and there I was sitting in the living room and she had brought me a glass of tea and started sharing her story. I was listening intently and had been there 20 minutes already building rapport. All the conditions were right, her story was sounding perfect, she needed my services, and this was really shaping up to be a slam dunk! Everything was going my way and she was even telling me how much she wanted my services. So, I went for it and presented her the agreement to sign and she hit me with “I need to think about it”. What! Really? After all the phone calls and this wonderful appointment, we were having, telling me how we were great fit and she really needed this! I couldn’t believe it!

Are you tired of the “I need to think it over” or “I need to speak with my partner about this” or “I need to sleep on it”?

Me too!

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